The Effects of Rahyan Noor Tour (Visiting War Fronts) on the Cognitive-Behavioral Attitudes of the University Students Toward Martyrdom (Panel Study)

Document Type : Research Paper



The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of Rahyan Noor tour on the
cognitive-behavioral attitudes of the university students toward martyrdom through
panel study. The researchers attempt to find whether the participants’ attitudes
toward martyrdom differ before and after such visits. The population covers
Mashhad university students who participated in such visits in the solar year of
1389. The researchers considered the whole population in a panel study both before
and after the visit. The data gathered were edited, coded and entered in the SPSS
software for analysis in terms of descriptive statistics, Wilcoxon test, average
comparison, and the correlations in two groups. The findings indicated that their
views differed significantly before and after the visits. With regard to the attitudes of
the respondents, there was a significant difference before and after the visits. Finally
by controlling the different independent variables, a meaningful difference was
found in the three criteria. Consequently, participation in Rahyan Noor affects the
participants’ behavioral and cognitive attitudes toward both martyrdom and such